Singles50 Review

Singles 50 is a dating site focused on making it easier for people in their 50s to find a partner. Today with the number of divorces and breakups that occur before that age, many people are left alone and with the need to rebuild their lives with someone with whom to share moments. That’s where Singles 50 comes in, trying to fill that void.

Even though I’m not yet 50 years old and I’m still a long way from reaching them, I decided to test this page to see what it was like. I had hoped to find women under 50, maybe 40-45. A more acceptable age range for me.

How to Login to 50 and Register

The registration process for Singles 50 is identical to that of other “serious” contact websites. In the initial screen you must choose your gender and what you are looking for, men or women.

Then you will be submitted to an extensive questionnaire similar to websites like Meetic in which you must be as sincere as possible to be shown profiles of people like you.

It consists of numerous questions of a personal nature that define you as a person and that can considerably help the system to facilitate contact with people of your same personality.

The questionnaire as we have said is a little long although it should not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete it completely.

Once done, you will appear on the main screen, where profiles of other people are shown, along with some basic data such as place of residence or age.

Once that is done, you must upload some profile picture so that other users can see you, although here you are warned that to see the photos of the other profiles you must become a Premium user.

In general the registration is simple and fast, although not as much as that of other websites by the aforementioned questionnaire.

Is 50 free?

Singles 50 is a website that allows you to register for free, but to be able to do something useful with it, it is mandatory to become a paid user.

Therefore it is not free. The only thing you can do without paying is fill in your profile, take the personality test and download your own photo. The rest of features are reserved for paying users.

What does the Premium subscription offer?

With the Premium Single 50 subscription, do all of the following:

  • View crisp photos
  • Send and receive messages without limit
  • See who visited your profile
  • Add contact proposals to your favorites

I mean, the basics to be able to do something useful.

Singles50 Prices

Singles 50 has 3 subscription plans that vary in price depending on how long you want to stay. The most popular is the 1 month offer for €9.90. This offer costs that, but at the end of the month it renews itself for the 3 month offer, which already costs 89.70€.

Therefore you must remember to cancel it at least 7 days before the renewal date if you do not want to be charged that additional amount.

That is to say, if you register for 1 month on January 1st and you do not want to renew, you should cancel before January 24th to avoid an additional charge of almost 90€.

The second option is the 3 month subscription, which as we have said is paid in a single payment of €89.70, resulting in about €29.90 per month on average.

This option can be cancelled at least 4 weeks before the renewal date. That is, if you register for 3 months in January, you have that month and February but if you want to cancel you must do so at least 1 month before the subscription expires on March 31, otherwise you will have to pay again.

Finally, the longest subscription is for 6 months, which is paid in a single payment of 119.40 €, which is the same: 19.90 € per month. Here the user can cancel the subscription at least 6 weeks before the renewal date.

Obviously I recommend you to use the 1 month subscription and remember to cancel it practically at the time of purchase, in case you forget to do it later. This way you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to unsubscribe from Singles 50?

If you want to cancel your Singles 50 Premium subscription and unsubscribe, you must do the following. Send a letter to 13 rue du Commerce, L-1351 Luxembourg or a fax to +34 911817409. ( we recommend the latter option as it is much faster ).

Once the cancellation is processed, your credit card or bank account will no longer be charged. You must ensure that your fax is legible and includes the following information: full name, your address, the email address registered on the website, user name, date of purchase, amount paid, reason for cancellation and a signature.

It is specified that your fax or letter will be processed within 48 hours of receipt (working days). If you have not received confirmation that your cancellation was received, then it was not. In that case, we ask that you contact Singles 50 customer service.

How to delete your Singles 50 profile?

If you want your profile to be deleted forever after you cancel your Premium subscription, you must send an email to [email protected] requesting it.

My experience and the opinions of Singles 50

At this point I think it is necessary to talk to you about whether Singles 50 works or if it is another scam. I have been using Singles 50 for 3 months, more specifically from June to August 2019, and my experience has not been good.

I think it is a website that has quite a few false profiles and pretends to be serious, but at bottom is not distinguished at all from other websites of this style, with bombardment of emails shortly after registering, abusive prices and hidden renewal conditions that make unsubscribing can be an odyssey.

Regarding the effectiveness of the web itself, I could talk to 6 women in those 3 months but most were employees of the company, because at first they gave me conversation and then when the time came to make an appointment disappeared without more.

This is a fairly common technique in this type of websites. So I invite you to be careful and do not succumb to despair to find someone registering you in the first web you see.

I could only meet 1 real woman in all that time, 47 years old but when seeing me so young decided that it was not for her. However, we put a couple of powders but the thing was left there because she was looking for a stable relationship with someone of her age. At least she took care of herself and she wasn’t bad at all to be around 50.

Alternatives to Single 50

In short, if you are looking for an alternative to Singles 50, I would certainly choose Meetic, where it is quite easy to find people of those ages and it is a reliable and contrasted website where these problems do not exist.

If you have tried this website, leave your opinion below and don’t forget to share this analysis if you liked it so that it reaches more people.


Singles 50 is a website aimed at older people who want a stable relationship. It has a complete registration form that assures us to find people with similar tastes. Prices and features are in the average, so I invite you to read my analysis to find out if this site works or not. Click here to go to the Singles50 website.


  • Very complete access questionnaire
  • Easy to use


  • Quite a few false profiles.
  • Care must be taken with renovations
  • Not as effective as Meetic