Plenty of Fish review: our opinion and that of POF users

The Plenty of Fish dating site – POF for intimates – is one of the most popular free dating sites in the world. Due to its total gratuity, it generates a huge community of singles, looking for love, sex, discussions of all kinds. However, as often happens in the case of unpaid sites, it suffers from some defects that weigh heavily on the bottom line. Is an entry worthwhile?

It is super popular in Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil and the United States.

In Spain it also has a considerable number of users. Google’s POF searches around the world exceed 16 million and in Spain the number of searches of this page reaches 673,000 which gives an idea of its tremendous popularity.

The website was founded in 2003 by Markus Frind and was acquired in 2015 by the Match group, owned by, OKCupid and Tinder).

Here’s what we’ll see in this review of Plenty of Fish , which we’ve been testing for almost a month!

Plenty of Fish, called POF by his friends, is a 100% free dating site. If we appreciate this gesture, unfortunately it is frequented by many low quality profiles. So you’re going to have to be patient to have serious encounters here!

100% free
Many members online
Very complete in terms of features


Many low-quality profiles
Pixel photos

1 Plenty of Fish: meet people online without paying
2 An obsolete interface and a little poor functionality
3 Lots of Fish Feedback: Single Discount
4 POF: what are the prices?
5 Advantages and disadvantages of fish abundance
6 My opinion on POF after 1 month: too many fish in the sea?


POF has quite advanced search features and user profiles can be filled in with an almost excessive level of detail.

There are several and extensive questionnaires with which to define our personality as much as possible and thus allow POF to suggest the most similar profiles to our way of being.

If you register in POF, and you are serious, you should fill in each and every one of the questionnaires proposed by the page to increase the chances of finding a compatible partner.

The questionnaires are a little long so I recommend you to be willing before proceeding to fill them or you may get frustrated before starting.

POF Profiles: Real or Fake?

During the time I was using POF, I got the impression that most of the profiles shown on this contact page are real.


Plenty of Fish is a dating site born in Vancouver in 2003, which is one of the pioneers of free online dating. Since then, the site has expanded to include over 150 million subscribers. Every day, 65,000 new singles dive on the platform hoping to meet someone who is in love, friendly or more naughty.

Available in 11 languages and in more than 20 countries, Plenty of Fish offers an ocean of choice and use completely free of charge. It’s rare, but the site won’t ask you for a penny. On the surface, only advertising funds the site, but it is easy to understand that your personal information is also used as a coin exchange for POF. It is indicated in the General Terms and Conditions of Use, so don’t shout scandal!

For non-English speakers, Plenty of Fish means that there are plenty of fish in the ocean, which implies that you will easily find someone for a nice date. Is this the case? Let’s see it in the rest of this opinion in Plenty of Fish!

What does the POF Premium subscription offer?

When you pay for a POF Premium subscription you get several advantages.

The main one is that you appear prominently among the search profiles, making it easier for them to find you. You can also view the full profile of other users and find out more about that person.

Other advantages are that you can see if the messages you have sent have been read or deleted or if someone consulted your profile.

You can send three free gifts per day and upload 16 images to your profile instead of the 8 in the free subscription.

Considering the POF prices, I find them interesting enough to justify the small outlay.


From the first moments on the site, the interface will challenge you: it’s old, ugly, old-fashioned. We don’t pay, so we can be tolerant, but we have to admit that it doesn’t really make you want to surf. The colors are opaque (white, blue, in relation to water?), and the few profile photos that appear on the main page… are blurry.

After this first aesthetic trial, registration can be done for free. After you have indicated a valid email address and chosen a suitable nickname, you should fill in a series of questions that should guide the site in exactly what you are looking for. However, POF sends us some strange requests, such as: would you go out with a member who says he has extra kilos? yes, no, I only go out with members with extra kilos. Odd: Translation problems? It is possible, because after several hours on the site, we notice that English is not translated in all sections.

Other questions of this type decorate the questionnaires, and it is understood that this survey will be used for marketing purposes. We passed it quickly, to finally access the site and meet our first members.

To do this, you must fill in your profile. You can insert some photos, unfortunately often pixelated, indicating your place of residence, your passions, your level of education and especially what you are looking for on the site. It’s very concise, but we’re getting to the point, as you’ll see when you see the profiles of other singles in POF.

Next, let’s take a look at the features of Plenty of Fish. There is a classic messaging, a Peekaboo tab that allows you to send winks to members you like, a search tab and a section that allows you to see members online and start conversations with them. In addition, the Compatibility section allows you to perform a personality test to help the site offer you profiles according to your wishes. In reality, this is not really convincing, with the impression that you are offered random members.

If we can appreciate the exhaustiveness of the functionalities, not very original but practical, now we must see who are the members that we find in this free site. We will explain all this in the following article of this opinion on “Lots of fish!


If we can recognize that POF has a very large user community, we quickly realize that the site suffers from an evil common to many free online dating platforms: members of very questionable quality.

In profiles, which are sometimes incomplete, there are many spelling, syntax and grammatical errors that undermine the credibility of the whole. Tolerance could be shown if the conversations followed a different path or if the messages received breathed poetry, but of course this is not the case.

In POF, conversations are often brief, as vulgarity is required. Women receive indecent front line proposals and, as some of the site’s singles have made clear to me, no longer even bother to check their email, tired of this constant lack of education. Sometimes we manage to exchange a few words, a few messages, because it is obvious that not all registrants are of this type, but they do represent the majority of POF users.

As a result, it is very difficult to have built exchanges. Among illegible messages, low response rate to what is sent, incomplete profiles and some spam on the platform, it quickly becomes difficult to make a good appointment.

Should POF be condemned to oblivion? The evaluation of my experience and my opinion on Plenty of Fish, after a few weeks, will give you the answer.


As we said, POF is 100% free! This is rare, and we can only welcome this initiative. Those who do not have a budget to spend on the online appointment will appreciate the effort, but could waste valuable time sorting through Plenty of Fish.

For less than 5 euros / month, you can enjoy the excellent Meetic offering discount codes, think about it!

After spending several days using POF intensively, this is what I get from it, both positive and negative.


It’s really free!
There are many members online, in Spain and elsewhere
The site is complete in terms of features


Too many bad profiles online
The omnipresent vulgarity
Poor quality photos
We’re wasting time sorting!


My opinion about Plenty Of Fish cannot be positive, despite the good intentions of the platform. I spent too much time sending messages without receiving answers, ordering profiles and messages received to find one or two of the best qualities, wondering what the intentions of the person I was talking to really were.

Despite some nice conversations, and its free nature, POF remains a platform that deserves a complete overhaul and above all a much more complete profile check. As things stand, I think it is quite complicated to meet people there.

If you’re looking for free, it’s an option, but you’ll need a lot of patience to achieve your goals, as is often the case on free dating sites.