Perfumes with pheromones to attract women. Do they work?

Perfumes with pheromones to attract women. Do they work? We all like to feel attractive and sure of ourselves on a first date. A fundamental part of the attraction that we can generate towards the other person, resides in our perfume.

I’m not going to discover gunpowder if I say now that women pay a lot of attention to the fragrance that the other person gives off, so my first advice is to make you with a perfume that makes you feel sure of yourself and that you are convinced that your girl is going to like it.

If you want to go further, you might want to try pheromone perfumes, which are theoretically designed to create a certain attraction in the opposite sex, making you even more irresistible. That’s what the theory says…

What are pheromone perfumes?

I don’t want to spend too much time on this, but basically pheromones are chemical substances that living beings secrete and that have the capacity to generate different actions and responses thanks to the interaction with the brain of the receiver.

Numerous species of animals and plants use pheromones as means of communication and behavior and influence their attitude and thoughts.

The word pheromone comes from the Greek, more specifically from the words pherein and hormone, which mean “transport” and “stimulus” respectively.

Thus, pheromone perfumes incorporate some of these substances to attract the opposite gender, which is what we all want.

My test method

As you may have already seen, I have tried numerous dating and contact pages and thanks to them, I have been able to meet a large number of girls.

Taking advantage of dates, I couldn’t resist checking if what they say about pheromone perfumes is true or not. I wanted to know if they worked first hand or were just another urban legend to make money by deceiving people.

The first thing I did was go to Amazon and buy a few pheromone perfumes, see which one worked best.

Normally, for every dating page I try, I intend to have at least five appointments during the period in which I am subscribed. That way I can give a more or less reliable verdict on whether the page works or not.

To find out if pheromone perfumes work, I decided to use them in each and every appointment I had on a particular contact page.

My initial approach was to see if, with pheromone perfume, I noticed women more attracted to me than without it. I have had enough appointments in my life to know if a woman is attracted enough to me or if she needs some “incentive”.

I chose because I had tried it before and with good results. This I did for comparison.

It is a page where normally the girls are a little more out of the normal and that they look for sex of quite evident form, especially the older ones of 35 years.

It is not a 100% reliable test since the girls were not the same as the first time, but it helped me to notice changes in the attitude that was what I wanted to check.

Do pheromone perfumes work?

With the purchase of any perfume you are given a guide with tips for flirting, but after having read it, it is really nothing you haven’t seen anywhere else and is totally expendable.

I chose Phiero Extreme, which is the most expensive. About 50€ each bottle. It has to be said that it is a concentrated exclusively of pheromones, without smell and that it can be mixed with a conventional perfume.

I did this last one and mixed the perfume of pheromones with One Million by Paco Rabanne, which I know is a perfume that drives women crazy. It’s not a very original choice, but I preferred to go for sure.
With this approach I went out into the street looking for dates and sex, to see if pheromone perfumes really worked.

My verdict is that this type of perfume works, but with nuances. The first thing I have to say is that just by using it, I felt a little more confident.

I think the placebo effect in this kind of products is pretty important, and if you have low self-esteem it might help you feel a little more confident about yourself.

As I said before, the girls in Fuegodevida are generally very predisposed to sex, so it’s hard to say whether this kind of perfume works or not.

I spent a whole month trying this type of perfume and had eight dates in this period. I slept with all the girls I had one date with, except one, whose photos didn’t look anything like her online profile and she was quite unpleasant and borderline in her personal treatment.

I noticed a greater desire in the girls for the mere fact of wearing this type of perfume. I thought they were “horny” enough by themselves, so my opinion is that they can be a valid option if you need to increase your self-confidence, but do not expect miracles and that all girls fall surrendered to your feet, just by using this type of perfume.

Pheromone Deodorant

Another interesting option when flirting is to use pheromone deodorants. Like perfumes, they have that magical component in their composition that promises to make them very horny. I chose this one for its good results and the truth is that it hasn’t disappointed me, because it has a pleasant smell and they have told me that they have noticed it.

Anyway, this is like everything else. One more factor that can play into your favor when it comes to putting the girl to bed, but as I just said, don’t expect to become a sex machine overnight just by using Phiero Extreme.

I think that in the end the most important thing is to be sure of yourself, nice and polite and with that you will already have come a long way.

If you then add pheromone perfume to the cocktail, better than better, but without going crazy. It’s not going to do you any harm, because it’s odorless, but don’t expect miraculous results either.