Liruch Review: Analysis and opinions

Liruch is a somewhat different contact page because it mixes the typical user profiles you can find on any other contact website with a system for making phone calls through virtual numbers.

I’ve been wanting to try this page for some time now as there is information of all kinds on the net, and I wanted to personally check whether the comments were true or not.

In general, the opinions of Liruch that I have found on the Internet are not very good, although bear in mind that in 99% of the cases, the people who write to give their opinion about a certain product or service, is because it has not worked. For those who do well, they don’t usually write anything.

As I said, Liruch is a somewhat peculiar dating site, so I’ll try to explain perfectly what it offers, how it works and what you can expect from it.

How to register with Liruch

Registration in Liruch is quite simple. Just click here, enter the usual information (user, email, genre, etc.) and you’re done.

The free account entitles you to:

  • See who has winked at you
  • See who sent you a smile
  • Highlight profile
  • Register, publish and stay
  • Upload photos, videos and audios
  • Staying in Box
  • Save to Favorites
  • Get a virtual anonymous
  • Validate phone

Is Liruch free?

You can sign up for Liruch for free, but the most interesting options and those that give you the option to start a conversation either through chat, or call, are paid. But if you want to browse between profiles, you can do it for free.

How does it work and what does Liruch offer?

Liruch is a dating site with average traffic. It has 74,000 Google searches which means it is popular. It’s not the one with the most searches but it’s not the one with the least, and it’s in the middle – high in this respect.

The way Liruch works is a bit different from the rest of this style of pages. On the one hand, you can see the profiles of registered people without practically any impediment, but if you want to perform actions such as talking on a virtual phone, chatting or sending messages, you already have to pay there.

Types of balance in Liruch

In Liruch there are two different types of balance. Credits and minutes. With credits, you can perform actions related to interaction. That is, you can chat, send messages, and view users’ private phones.

To be able to talk to someone else, you need to recharge your minute balance, as the call is made through a virtual number that Liruch assigns to each user.

The minutes balance works in a similar way to a prepaid card, and allows you to recharge according to the minutes you want to recharge your virtual number.

This is good because it allows some privacy by not having to give out your real number, but on the other hand it is a very important expense, as Liruch’s rates are not exactly low.

In short, you need to spend money on two different balances to complete all possible actions within Liruch. Although the option of recharging minutes is convenient because you can use it directly from within the web, it’s a good idea to ask the person you’re interested in for their personal mobile phone as soon as there’s some trust between them, because that way you’ll save a lot.

To recharge credits or minutes, you can do it with credit or debit card, Paypal, or transfer.

Liruch Prices.

Liruch’s prices are high, especially for calls.

40 minutes > 25 €
90 minutes > 49 €
360 minutes > 149 €
720 minutes > 249 €

The prices of the credits are as follows:

60 credits > 25 €.
200 credits > €49
800 credits > €149
2000 credits > €249

On its website there is a table with the cost of the different actions so that you know how much you are going to spend beforehand. For example, a chat session of 30 minutes costs 15 credits, see a private phone and its social networks, 2000 credits, call an anonymous virtual number, 0.35 € per minute or call a number 803 level 3, 1.21 € per minute.

Reviews about Liruch. I’ll tell you if it works

Well, I’ve been trying Liruch for about 3 months, trying to spend as little as possible. I don’t know if the page is more effective if you pay a lot. My goal was not to spend more than 300€ for the test, which I think is more than enough to demonstrate the effectiveness of a page.

The first thing I have to say is that Liruch has quite a few real profiles. They have released a feature, called the Liruch Greeting, by which, anyone who wants to verify his profile should take a photo with a characteristic gesture, so I particularly only looked at the profiles that had such a greeting.

The point is that it is a relatively recent feature and not all profiles have such photos. The ones that have it, yes I have looked real profiles, because they have a lot of photos and a text that does not seem typical of: “I’m a hot girl, I want sex tonight, etc “.

If you are going to use Liruch, I would directly tell you to only look for profiles with the gesture, if you don’t even bother. In the screenshot of Liruch above you can see that the first profile is authentic by the gesture in the profile picture and the other two that appear below probably are not, as they have no gesture, and the text of the profile is typical of “Fuck me, etc.”.

During these 3 months I have had several experiences. I used the virtual phone feature and talked to a girl who didn’t want anything to do with me, although I did.

She had me on the phone for a while. Maybe I belonged to the staff of Liruch workers and had the objective of making me spend as much money as possible. As soon as I realised the situation (quite quickly) I closed the beach bar.

Then a few weeks later I contacted a real girl, but this time using only credits to try to save. I was able to get her real phone (she told me that my photos inspired her confidence) and we went out for a drink a couple of times, but without anything else. I still have it in my diary and from time to time we talk through Whatsapp but so far the thing has not come to more.

The one I had the best time with was a Colombian woman I contacted recently. I had just left him with the boyfriend and he invited me to go to his house to fuck after a week camelándomela by Liruch’s chat.

In short. It’s a page that can work for you, but it’s a bit expensive if you want to use all its functions. My opinion of Liruch is that it is possible to spend little on it, but you have to be clear who you contact and look only at the profiles that have the greeting Liruch. This is only given by experience and, above all, patience. Even with everything, it is a very recommendable page.

What do you think?

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Liruch is a dating site that has in the phone calls and in the chat its main claim against the competition. Authentic profiles are quickly distinguished as commented in the analysis. The prices are somewhat higher than those of the competition. Keep reading my analysis to see if Liruch is worth it or visit it directly from this link.


Easy to distinguish false profiles from real ones

It has quite a few users

Easy to use


There are enough fake profiles