Fuegodevida Review: Analysis and Opinions

Fuego de vida is a dating site that offers a priori interesting features not present on other dating sites. Read on to find out what I think of this dating page as well as the most relevant fire of life opinions.

I’ll also show you pictures of girls very similar to the ones I’ve met thanks to this page. Of course their faces don’t appear, for obvious reasons, but it’s so that you know what kind of women you can find in Life Fire. Most of them were married or divorced women with a desire to march and some with less than 30 years. This page is mainly oriented to love affairs and short term encounters, very Ashley Madison and Victoria Milan style but also have room for more serious relationships.
We can define all this perfectly from our profile. From there we can indicate our marital status, whether or not we are smokers, type of physique we are looking for, hair color and favorite eyes, as well as our weight and height.

It is also possible to indicate if we are looking for a serious relationship, a casual encounter, an adventure or “anything”.

Finally we can indicate personal tastes in the sexual field such as couples exchange, massages, bondage and many more.

How to register in Fuegodevida.com

Like any other dating site, registration begins by indicating whether we are male or female and what type of person we are looking for.

After entering the typical data with our username, email and password, we will be asked to verify our email by clicking on the link included in it.

How is fuegodevida.com?

Fuegodevida has 823,000 Google searches per month. That means it’s a site with a lot of traffic which is good.

The look of the website is quite well taken care of and everything is attractive and easy to read. In the upper part we will see different sections among which one of erotic webcams catches the attention. It is not usual to find this type of content on dating pages, but in this case is available to anyone who wants to pay and has an emergency… 🙂

You can also do a fairly precise search of what you want to find thanks to the complete search engine that is included.

Other sections are the birthdays of members of the page, the already mentioned webcams and one of erotic stories.

Is Fuegodevida.com free? Prices

The prices of Fuegodevida.com are in the average of other dating pages. There are two types of subscription, silver and gold which are entitled to more or less features.

There is also a 3 day Premium Trial for 5€ so you can assess if the site meets your expectations.

An important detail, all Fuegodevida subscriptions are automatically renewed except the annual one. This means that if you pay for the 3-day subscription, you must cancel it up to 15 minutes before it expires, or it will be renewed.

If you sign up for 1 month, you must give 1 week’s notice that you do not want to continue. With a 3 month contract, you must give 2 weeks notice. If you do not give notice in time, you will be charged for the next subscription period you have.

I know that there have been many complaints about this system, that the truth is, I do not see sense, as everyone should be able to cancel when they want without notice in advance.

Differences between silver and gold subscriptions

Here you can see the differences between the available subscriptions. In principle the only differences are the possibility to send multiple messages as well as to filter them. If you are going to contact many people at once, you may be interested in having this feature available.

Does Fire of Life work? My experience

Fuego de vida is a page that generates controversy. There are some negative opinions on the Internet about it. The first thing is that with this page, I strongly recommend, read the conditions of use of it and frequently asked questions to avoid surprises.

The only thing I can talk about is my personal experience, which has been very satisfactory.

I have no doubt that a dating site with more than 800,000 visits per month is a site that does things right. What could be better? No doubt about it.

The issue of fake profiles and contact requests could be better resolved, but as I said before, it is a common practice and you have to know how to distinguish between real and fake requests.

Some contact pages send contact requests to users who have not paid any subscription. Virtually all of these requests are often false until you acquire some subscription plan at which time the requests cease.

I recommend that if you don’t trust you get the cheapest subscription to at least have an idea if the site meets your expectations and remember to cancel the subscription in time if you are not interested in following.

My experience has been positive and in general I can say without fear that Fuegodevida works.

As always, I bought 3 months of gold subscription, for 30€ per month. More than enough time to evaluate the quality of the page and the contacts.

In this time, I have counted 47 contact requests, of which an appointment was made in 21 of them. I always try the pages one by one so as not to end up fed up with so many appointments, because the truth is, 21 appointments in 3 months are 7 different per month, which in my opinion is a lot.

Of those 21 quotations, I would say that three quarters only wanted to fuck or insinuated it. I ended up fucking 12 different girls during those 3 months and with some repetition on more than one occasion.

Conclusion? Fuegodevida.com works but very well. If I, who am not Brad Pitt, have had this success rate, anyone can have a great time with the Fuegodevida people. I’m pretty happy with this page and I think I’ll come back when I have some more free time.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet if you want to have quick and easy sex in your area and that in order to have an opinion about something you have to try it first and draw your own conclusions.

Opinions and comments of Fuegodevida.com

In general the opinions of people who have tried Fuegodevida.com are quite positive, although it is difficult to find them because as we know, are much more visible people who are dissatisfied with something than those who are not.

My opinion is that it is a website that works and in which it is relatively easy to “catch cacho”. Yes, you have to do a little work and put a profile that attracts minimally and with that you have already traveled a long way to success.

Another thing that makes me trust Fuegodevida is that several friends have tried it and except one all have wet at least once, so I am reassured to think that I am not the only one who has been successful using this page.

If you want to read the rest of Fuegodevida’s opinions keep coming down and you will find the comments of the users who wanted to publish their experiences here.


Fuego de Vida is one of the most popular sex sites today. It has quite a few users every day which is always a good sign. During the time I have been testing it I have dated several girls so my overall opinion is very positive. Click here to visit Fuego de Vida


High % of true profiles

Users who want to have a good time

Contents prices

3 trial days for 5€.


Renewals are automatic