Follamigos Review: Analysis and opinions

Follamigos is a contact page that goes straight to the point. With that name is not for less, and is that it seeks to put in touch people who want to have sex as quickly and easily as possible.

This dating page has about 33,000 monthly searches on Google, more than enough to find people wanting to have fun.

How to register in

Registering at is super easy. They only ask for an email and if you are looking for men or women. After verifying your email you will be able to enter the page, which presents the following aspect.

For reasons of privacy I had to blur the images, something absolutely necessary to protect the privacy of those who are shown on the page.

The first thing that caught my attention creating a boy profile is the good amount of girls on this dating page. And many of them, very attractive what is a plus for anyone looking for a follamiga 😀

I was also negatively surprised by the number of profiles without a photo. The search allows us to filter and show only those profiles with a photo, and thank goodness, because if we do the normal search, we will see a multitude of profiles without a photo, which is not interesting at all.

I think it’s a page where fake profiles abound. I have received contact requests without having filled out my profile and they are somewhat “generic”, looking for the user to pay to respond to the messages received.

Naturally when I paid these requests ceased. A very common practice, but I’m already explaining it to you so that you know what to expect.

Advanced search in

The advanced search on this dating page is quite complete. It allows you to search by marital status, hair color, eye color, constitution, height, weight and whether you are a smoker.

We can also refine the search according to our love preferences. We can specify that we want a love affair, just one night, dinner, follamistad, friendship, dates without taboo, going out, sport, travel, relationship, chat / mails or other activities.

We can also establish our sexual preferences: Cybersex, heterosexual, special clothing or use of toys, live dating, partner exchange, group sex/threesomes, body parts, role playing, bisexual, exhibiting you/nudism, BDSM or massages.

Finally, you can search according to the character of the person you are looking for: Open, with a sense of humor, affectionate, sensitive, adaptable, self-confident, curious, shy, with character, submissive, dominant, fiery, faithful, active/entrepreneur, romantic or jealous.

Is free? Pricing

In order to get the most out of Follamigos, it is important that you make use of one of the credit packs sold on the website. You can pay by credit/debit card or Paysafecard.

The system works in a similar way to other websites that use credits. You buy a pack of credits and then the actions on the web such as adding people to your favorites or sending messages consume those credits. This has advantages because the credits don’t expire and if you don’t make a very intensive use of the web they can last a long time.

These are the prices of Follamigos currently:

My opinion of Follamigos

The opinions of that circulate in the net are varied, although the good ones predominate over the bad ones.

The less good

Beginning with the bad, is not the page of contacts with more users, although we must always take into account the issue of false profiles, something that does not get rid of any dating page and that in the case of seems to be quite controlled, as we have seen quite a few profiles of girls with real photos.

It is a fairly common practice in this type of pages so do not give more importance to it than it has. If you want to have a real contact with someone, you will have to upload good photos to your profile and contact as many girls as possible that you like.

The good

The good thing is that it is a page with quite a few real profiles with photos of girls from all over Spain and many of them, everything has to be said, very good to see.

The registration is really fast and you do not get dizzy with endless questionnaires that delay our entry. The site is quite attractive, fast and yet very handy, being very easy to use.

The payments are through card or through Paysafecard, which if you don’t know is a kind of online purse in which you buy codes for the amount deposited, being able to redeem those codes later on the website of your choice.

My experience

My opinion of is that it is a dating site worth trying. You can do it from 9,99€ with the cheapest credit pack.

Within what are the dating sites in Spain, I found it more than good and is one with which I have found it easier to get sex.

I met 4 girls in a month and I said, come and fuck without contemplations. I didn’t have to break my head with courtships, invitations or anything. It was to get there and start hitting the subject. One of the girls I met was especially dirty. She liked to fuck with the window open so they could see us and was not cut with anything, an unforgettable experience jejeje.

Anyway, Follamigos is just for that and it works quite well. With what it costs and the amount of girls waiting to get fucked, I didn’t think so. And if you’re a woman, I’ll tell you the same thing. If you enter Follamigos, you’ll have plenty of tails to choose from.

Just for that, and for the economics of credit packs, I think it’s a page to keep in mind and you should try if you want to fuck now.


Follamigos is probably the best known X contact page in Spain. Despite having quite a few fake profiles it is relatively easy to have a date with girls from your area. The ones I knew turned out to be quite “active” in bed to put it mildly. If you can hook one, you’ll almost certainly have a good time. Click here to visit Follamigos.


It is possible to fuck without too much effort

Affordable prices

Subscription by credits instead of by time


I could have fewer fake profiles.