Finding a partner at 40

Finding a partner at age 40 or later can be an almost impossible task if we don’t have the right mindset.

Many, and I include women and men equally in this, are carried away by the negative experiences of the past, or by the memory of that idyllic relationship that went down for some stupidity and refuse to face the future with positivity.

It is well known the position of men and women who have had a bad experience of not wanting to know anything more about having a partner, at least until after a while.

If you are one of those, there is nothing more to talk about. It is totally respectable and I would even say healthy to spend some time alone while the wounds of a broken relationship heal.

But if you’ve been through that and want to get back into “the market”, I advise you to take things another way, not so hard, and learn to enjoy the little moments. A person in his 40s already assumes that he is mature and self-confident enough to know what he wants at any given moment and what he is looking for.

How to meet people 40 or older

  • Find people with the same tastes

Meeting people in their 40s can be done in many ways. You can sign up for activities in your area. Dancing, cooking, gym, sports activities, hiking clubs, etc.

The options are very wide. Simply search the internet for “X in Y club” where X is the activity you’d like to do and Y the place or city you’re in. Surely there are many results with clubs, associations or groups of people who love that activity.

For example, I’m a member of a hiking club in Madrid and from time to time we go on excursions in the Sierra and I’ve already met some very nice girls of all ages. If I can, you can too.

  • Try Speed Dating

Another option is to try Speed Dating. What? You don’t know what it is. Well I’m going to explain it to you quickly and surely you remember seeing it on TV or somewhere else.

Normally Speed Dating events are usually held in a place conditioned for it, usually restaurants with that theme. You sign up on their website or in any way, and go to the event on the day and time indicated.

You will be introduced to several people with whom you will have to talk individually for a few minutes before moving on to the next one.

If there has been a “feeling” between the two, then it is recorded and at the end of the event it is checked which people have shown interest in whom. You give each other the phone numbers and you are ready to meet up at another time.

This type of speed dating is becoming more and more popular because it is a fun way to meet people although it is certainly not the best way for shy people because it is a somewhat “abrupt” way to meet people and in which many may feel somewhat pressured and uncomfortable.

  • Online Dating Pages

If you go beyond “modern” methods like Speed Dating and want to take it a little more calmly, I think that online dating and contact pages can be your salvation. It is very easy to find men and women over 40.

All you have to do is choose one of the most popular dating sites and pay the membership fee. Many users do not finish taking the step because they do not want to pay this type of pages but the truth is that the prices are quite affordable and not paying is rather an excuse.

Don’t be a rat and try them even if it’s a month. I assure you that they work and very well, although some are better than others. It is habitual that in the pages of appointments one finds with cases of pages that are useless for nothing, full of bots and false users.

As I don’t want this problem to affect you, I advise you to register in a dating site of proven reliability such as Meetic or eDarling, as long as your intention is to find a stable partner or at least meet people in a more or less serious way.

There are many other dating sites but if you start with those two it will be difficult for you to make a mistake as they are intended for people who have a serious relationship in mind.