Edarling Review: Analysis and Opinions

eDarling is a German dating site. It was founded in the year 2008 in the city of Berlin, so you can say that it is already a veteran contact page. It is one of the most visited dating portals in Spain, along with Meetic Affinity and Be2. It is headquartered in Berlin and managed by Affinitas GmbH. In 2009 eDarling expanded to Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland and since 2012 is present in the Americas, more specifically in Chile and Mexico. Edarling has about 670,000 Google searches every month, which gives an idea of how many people use this site to find a partner. It currently has more than 13 million users in more than 25 countries. According to studies, eDarling is the second most visited dating site.

Most eDarling users are single, about 36 years old, looking for a long-term relationship. 53% of subscribers are women and 47% are men. More than half of them have a bachelor’s degree.

How to register with eDarling

As on many other contact pages, the process for registering with eDarling consists of filling out an extensive form with numerous questions about our personality and that of our future partner.

The questionnaire is quite detailed and it’s a good idea to do so as it makes it easier to find someone close to you, although it may take a little while.

Luckily we will be able to see how long it takes to complete the form on each of the screens presented to us, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

At the end we are asked to send a photo, which we strongly recommend to increase the chances of contacting us.

Is eDarling free? Price

As with Meetic, there are 3 subscription plans with varying prices. Depending on the duration of the plan, the monthly cost varies. You can choose 12 months subscription, 23€ per month, 6 months subscription for 25€ per month, or 3 months subscription for 40€ per month. You can also opt for a free subscription, although the account will be limited and you will not be able to take certain actions.

Premium Subscription Advantages

The advantages of a paid eDarling subscription are many. To get started, you’ll be able to see other people’s profile pictures, see who has visited your profile, as well as see who has read the messages you’ve sent.

Communication is unlimited, which is not the case with a free subscription. You’ll also be able to access the mobile app, take a detailed personality test and see more new profiles.

Payment methods in eDarling

You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal or by bank transfer.

My opinion about eDarling and whether it works

eDarling is a contact page that, as its slogan indicates, is for “demanding singles”. It is noted that they are taken very seriously to be useful to those seeking to find a partner.

I used eDarling for 3 months with a Premium subscription and met eight girls during this period.

Two of them were not at all as they claimed to be in their profile and in my opinion they were a bit crazy. The other six were pretty nice dates and I had sex with all of them, although we already made it clear in our profiles that we weren’t looking for anything serious.

With one of them however I have enough feeling and I believe that the thing can go advancing towards something serious, which I would love. So for my part, I have nothing but praise for eDarling to facilitate contact with like-minded people and although the process to fill in the profile is somewhat long, in the end compensates because the search is fine-tuned in the end.

In short, I think that eDarling works quite well and is totally recommendable when looking for a partner or an adventure.

The web is easy to use and yet quite handy, ideal for anyone regardless of their level with computers or mobile devices. You can also use it from the app that eDarling has available for mobiles.

eDarling has a fairly complete entry form that takes a few minutes to complete. Thanks to it two things are achieved. To scare away those who create false profiles and above all, to refine the search of our ideal partner.

This form can be a bit cumbersome to fill out, since as we have said, it is quite long, but in return we will receive one of the best matchmaking services with people very close to our tastes and preferences.

The prices of eDarling are a bit more expensive than those of the competition, although it is fair to say that the quality of the matches we have will probably be higher. The price difference in the 6 month plan with the competition is small so this would be the plan we recommend to choose, as it costs 14.99 per month.

eDarling is a contact page that I liked very much and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a stable partner and want to have a high chance of getting it in a short time.