Brief online dating course: Deiting or Match Making?

The girl smiles mysteriously… Dating or matchmaking – what do you know about these terms and what to choose from? We’ll tell you more about what it means and what the difference is between a date-site and a dating site that works as a matchmaker.

Find a bride #1 – dating: Searching for a needle in a haystack

The word “dating” comes from the English word “dating”, which means “meeting, dating, courting”. Dating sites work on the principle of classic dating announcements: “He’s looking for her” or “She’s looking for him”. Such sites provide a brief description of external data, photos, interests and hobbies. All this data should draw the attention of other users to your profile.

All this is very similar to searching for a needle in a haystack – you can look through thousands of questionnaires and still not find anyone suitable. The interests of users who are looking for a deiting, are very different – from innocent flirting and sex without obligation to creating a family. There are those who are looking for just friends, associates or fellow travelers. If you dream of a serious relationship, you should take into account that it is difficult to find a partner to create a family on deiting sites.

Find a bride #2 – modern online matchmaking

The concept of “matchmaking” also comes from English, where “matchmaking” means “matchmaking, matchmaking, pairing”. Simply put, dating sites working on this principle take on the same responsibilities as marriage agencies: they search for the right partner according to the criteria specified by the user.

When registering the user is offered to pass a detailed psychological test, which serves as a basis for the selection of a suitable partner. Based on the results of this test, psychological portraits of the users are made. Thus, the site has the ability to offer candidates to meet each user, taking into account the principle of complementarity and compatibility.

The key to success

On deiting-sites the user chooses candidates for acquaintance, being guided basically by the external data. Of course, appearance is important when looking for new dating, but for serious relationships are important many factors. And appearance is not the main one.

Matchmaker site, based on the psychological portraits of users, selects you the most suitable for your interests, expectations and preferences of candidates for dating. Matchmaker site takes into account other search criteria, such as age, level of education, religious views of a future partner or, for example, growth.

Unlike dating sites, where the user is dealing with “unfiltered” flow of applicants, the selection of partner on dating sites with matchmaking is carried out by means of science-based method, which allows the user to save time.

You can be lucky anywhere, and randomness plays an important role in finding a partner. But the chances that you will approach each other, getting acquainted on the matchmaker’s site, much higher than if you chose a partner only by external data on the deiting site.

And, of course, everything is good for certain purposes. Those who are looking for flirting and not binding communication, will approach deiting sites. And for those who seek a serious relationship and do not want to waste time, we recommend registering for dating sites that offer matchmaking.

Where to look dating for marriage?

Did you realize that you are ready for a serious relationship and do not want to waste any more time on frivolous and hopeless novels? If you dream of finding a soul mate, finding stability in your personal life and getting married, we will tell you how and where to quickly find reliable candidates to create a family.

In order to find serious relationships and acquaintances for marriage, you should study the statistics. Where do future spouses meet most often and how do you know that new acquaintances can lead to marriage and a strong, happy relationship? Why do these ways of meeting people help to find reliable partners?

The team has collected interesting data for you on where modern people have the best chance of meeting their future spouses.

Staying at home: the method

According to eHarmony’s dating service, 19% of spouses met online between 2006 and 2007, and this figure is increasing. Interestingly, “family unions through dating are several times more stable than traditional dating services”.2 This is possible thanks to the individual selection of candidates according to their personal characteristics and preferences, a method used by When you meet online, you do not limit yourself to time or geography, and it is easier for you to overcome your shyness. With the help of dating sites you have a better chance of finding the right person!

Dating for marriage at leisure

Most of the future spouses get to know each other in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. According to a study by Russian psychologist Lydia Schneider, about 37% of lovers have found each other in places of rest and leisure.1 Many of us are uncomfortable going to the cinema or the theater, to sit in a cafe alone, although it increases the chances of getting to know each other! Don’t be afraid to spend your free time without friends, alone with you. Go to movies and shows, visit various exhibitions, try yourself in new sports, learn foreign languages, travel. Holidaying alone, you will find many reasons for new acquaintances.

Do you know any other options for a successful acquaintance? Share them in the comments!

Where to find new acquaintances?

If everybody around you gets married and your personal life doesn’t work out, look at this situation with optimism. Weddings of close people are a good opportunity for new acquaintances: you look great, there are a lot of interesting candidates around and a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, it is a great chance to go beyond your circle of communication, because at these celebrations are always a lot of new people. Perhaps there is your destiny among them. Psychologists generally note that festive events contribute to new romantic acquaintances.

An affair at work: yes or no?

Did you know that 17% of future spouses met at work? If you work in a large company, then look at the neighboring departments! This way you can meet new employees and continue to communicate outside the office. Working with your lover in different departments, you will not be distracted from the business. Such an affair can be promising without jeopardizing your career. Don’t miss the chance to meet at corporate parties: Ask your colleagues to introduce you to other employees. This may be the best way to make a difference in your life.

Getting to know each other in a circle of friends

Many people find their love among their loved ones, or with their help, so having fun with friends can help to make new friends for marriage. Tell your friends that you are looking for a reliable partner for marriage, describe the person you dream of: their appearance, character, age. Friends know you very well and, once they know your preferences, they can remember someone interesting in their surroundings. We never know where we are going to have a lucky chance and a fateful meeting!

Dating for a family – how to find love online

People who are looking for family connections are particularly serious about choosing a partner. In addition to criteria such as the appearance and nature of the chosen one, many of them value, for example, religion, the level of education of the potential partner, and attitudes towards children.

In search of the ideal

Do you know exactly what your life companion should be like and have made an endless list of qualities that he should possess? Take your time. First of all, decide what criteria are crucial for you in choosing a spouse, and what criteria you can sacrifice. Excessive picking on details can exclude even the most worthy candidates to create a family.

Your ideal is a rich, stylish man or a beautiful girl with a chic figure? In search of a family-building acquaintance, remember that these qualities are not permanent. Of course, the level of income and appearance of the future spouse play an important role, but the inner qualities, values of the partner and his attitude towards the family are much more important.

Russian psychologists have identified the most favorable qualities to create a strong family, they include: optimism, diligence, friendliness and ability to handle money. In addition, women who are looking for acquaintances to start a family appreciate men’s ability to take responsibility, and men, above all, expect to receive emotional support from their spouses.1

The more legible you are, the harder it is to find a partner for a serious relationship. This approach is commendable, but you risk spending too much time looking for your ideal. Online dating to start a family can save you time and help you make the right choices in the shortest possible time.

For example, mail order bride’s Serious Relationship Dating site selects you candidates to meet who you have a very good chance of building a long-term, happy relationship with. users, what are they like?

Most users are middle-aged people looking for a serious relationship.
Beautiful women account for 57% of the site’s users, while men account for 43% of the site’s users, reflecting the demographic situation in Russia.
62% of users have higher education. This result is not surprising, because it is educated people are often busy with a career that leaves less time for personal life. Among users there are many specialists and managers, whose income is higher than average.

The majority of users are looking for acquaintances to create a family: 78.7% of registered people either want to have children or do not exclude such an opportunity. The majority of respondents have no children, and 70% of users are ready to accept a child partner, which indicates the seriousness of their intentions. Such a conscious approach to family formation increases the chances for a strong union.
According to statistics, users find their love on average within 80 days. Don’t miss your chance to find a reliable person to create a family!